Bench Desks

Bench Desks

A bench desk system can meet your requirements for both space and cost. Bench desking is a great way to effectively provide work surfaces for multiple people at one time. Office bench desks are particularly suitable for large open plan spaces where desks are used by different people. View our Bench Desk Guide here.

What is a Bench Desk?

Office bench desks are desktops that share a frame and can be placed together to form a large working area for multiple users.

Using benching systems is one of the best ways to encourage communication between employees and leads to a more collaborative and inclusive office environment.

With the increasing trend towards open plan office spaces, removing barriers such as screens and room dividers is hugely beneficial to office moral and a bench desk system is by far the most popular choice in the modern workplace.

A further benefit is the ability to fit a large number of staff into relatively small areas without feeling cramped or restricted in any way. Bench desks are also a cost-effective solution to any contemporary office workspace that requires multiple users to work closely together.

At BT Office we have carefully selected a large range of bench systems in a wide variety of styles, colours, shapes, sizes and finishes. Please call us if you require some friendly help or advice.

Bench desking is ideal for Call Centres and team work that requires large office desk areas. Other advantages of bench desks include smart cable management, continuous flexible work space and optional extras like privacy screens and accessory bars.

We have one of the largest ranges of office bench desks and systems in the UK and they are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and finishes to suit all styles of open plan office. All of our bench systems are delivered and installed free of charge throughout the UK. We even manufacturer our own range (Icarus) for those on a tight budget.

Our consultants are always happy to offer advice and guidance. A free space planning service is also available upon request.

View our in-depth guide to bench desks